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Procurement and Enforcement of Copyrights

Copyright Attorney. If you have created any work that is original, you may be entitled to copyright protection. As a copyright owner, you have exclusive rights to your original creation. If someone is copying your work, you may be entitled to damages for infringement of your copyright, and an injunction to stop the infringement.

With the emergence of new technologies and the widespread use of the internet, the arena of website content has become an increasingly important field of copyright law. Online custom content owners’ authorship is under constant attack. Piracy, file sharing, and website duplication are widespread. To complicate matters, the law regarding the internet and intellectual property is very complex and still quite new. Experienced copyright infringement lawyers in Los Angeles like those at Wagner, Anderson & Bright, LLP can advise you of your rights under the law and options if faced with the prospect of someone unlawfully copying your original work. Please call Patrick Bright at 213-700-6637, or email him at for your free first consult to tell you whether he can help you.

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